Ruševec - Family Vacation Pohorje

Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms

Vila Ruševec guarantees accommodation according to the information provided on the web site and the data provided by the confirmed reservation. The guests shall agree that their personal data will be used in the Ruševec “Guest List” for the purposes of reservation, police notification, newsletters and information about offers update send by post or via e-mail. Villa Ruševec guarantees to use the personal data according to Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1).

2. Reservations and Payments
Online inquiries and reservations according to the availability by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , phone: +386-51-625-102 (international calls) or fax: +386-3-757-13-30 (international calls).

By making the reservation the guests agrees to the terms and conditions provided on this web site and the guests and Villa Ruševec become legally obligated to fulfil these terms and conditions.

In order to make a reservation the guests shall send all the information required by the reservation procedure and shall make a prepayment deposit of 30 % of the final amount for the services provided on the price list. The rest of the amount shall be paid before the check-out at the reception desk.

3. Tourist Tax
By the Slovenian tourist tax law (ZSRT) and by the regulations of the Hoče-Slivnica Municipality the guests (children under the age of 7 exempt) shall pay the tourist tax. Children aged between 7 and 18 get a 50 % discount.

4. Accommodation Price
Regular accommodation price includes the service(s) confirmed by the reservation. Additional services are services that are not included in the regular price and are extra charged. The currency of the pricelist is Euro (€). Elpro Villa Ruševec reserves the right to change the advertised prices. If the price change occurs before the prepayment deposit, Villa Ruševec shall inform the guests about the price change.

5. Change and Cancellation Policy ‒ Villa Ruševec
If necessary, Villa Ruševec reserves the right to change the reservation due to circumstances beyond the control of Villa Ruševec. In case of “vis major” the prepayments are not eligible for a refund.

6. Change and Cancellation Policy ‒ the Guests

Changes and cancellations can be made in written form only. Changes of the number of guests or of the arrival/departure date will be accepted only if received 30 days before the arrival. Cancellation refund depends on the date of receiving the written cancellation:

At least 15 days before the arrival: 100 % prepayment refund

14-8 days before the arrival: 50 % prepayment refund

Cancellation less than 7 days before the arrival: the full prepayment will be charged.


Early departure and no-show of the guest will be charged as follows:

Reduction of stay without valid reason: the full stay will be charged

No-show: the full prepayment will be charged

7. The Guests’ Obligations

The Guests shall:

  • have a valid personal identity document; 

  • respect the Villa’s and Lodges’ house rules and cooperate with the service providers in a good faith; 

  • show a document of the prepayment deposit (a voucher received by post or via e-mail).

The guests shall respect the Villa Ruševec rules and obligations otherwise the guests shall be responsible for the damage caused by breaking the rules and obligations. Upon confirming the reservation the guests shall be obliged to pay on the spot for any damage caused by the guests or by a person or persons in guests’ custody.

8. Luggage
Villa Ruševec shall not be held responsible for luggage, objects, money and valuables left in the room, in the Villa or on Villa’s property. Lost luggage shall be reported to the local police.

9. Pets
Pets are allowed for extra charges and by prior arrangement.

10. Arrival
Arrival: between 14.00 and 16.00.

10. Departure
Departure: between 10.00 and 12.00.



Villa Ruševec
Hočko Pohorje 36 n
SI - 2208 Pohorje, SLOVENIA
T: +386 2 603 63 00
M: +386 51 625 102
F: +386 3 757 13 30
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Boutique Wellness Ruševec is really something, the real experience. Body treatments are superb ‒ they include all branches of wellness. We recommend it to all who are looking for a place to relax.


Pohorje and the Villa Ruševec surrounding is a perfect location for hikers and bikers. It’s very peaceful, there are many well-marked paths and routes of all levels of difficulty.


The Villa Ruševec is situated in a very quiet, full-of-hills location of Pohorje. We recommend it to all who are seeking to be in touch with wonderful nature.


The surrounding of the Villa Ruševec is wonderful and the Villa is clean and nice. We were very satisfied with the additional offers. A ski centre is only 2 km away and after skiing the Ruševec is a perfect peaceful shelter.


Thank you for a wonderful family relaxation in your apartment. I recommend the Villa Ruševec to all. My children enjoyed it very much. Ruško the Black Grouse rules.

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