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Permaculture in Slovenia

If we want to raise the right question in the spirit of the modern times, we should ask: “How can findings of organic farming, biodynamic agriculture and permaculture help us solve the urgent problems of our present time?"

Biodynamic farmers from Pomurje were interested in common points of biodynamic agriculture and permaculture. They invited Tomislav Gjerkeš, a permaculture planner, to make plans for the nature’s classroom of seed plants. On this occasion biodynamic agriculture and permaculture tried to help the man hand in hand.     

“The origins of the methods are different, nevertheless they both aim for organic agriculture self-sufficiency. Permaculture deals with wider aspects of human residence and originally makes plans for the organization of objects and interconnections of different systems of human life (ecosystem, residence, power systems, economic systems, human relations). Biodynamic agriculture aims for a farm as a holistic self-efficient organism and is deeply interested in natural food production,” says Tomi Gjerkeš.

"Garden is one of the basic human ecosystems from where we get healthy and quality food and where we can experience fulfilment by observing the whole cycles and processes to the end. For an industrialized man contact with nature is a must and this kind of garden is a great opportunity to get in touch with nature."

Circuited circle on the garden makes us aware of the importance of seeds. In the apathetic everyday environment we do not think neither are we aware how important it is to have our own seed production. In the hectic modern times full of uncertainty and stress seeds production is of vital importance for our survival. Very simply, oil does not arrive ‒ and we all will be hungry. Have you ever thought how serious that problem is?

"You don’t trust the seeds of modern production? Would you like to maintain our food legacy adapted to our climate? Self-sufficiency in food? Independence? Freedom?"

"Awareness about globalization stimulates me and I take it as a responsibility. Teaching people sustainable living is my profession. Nature’s classroom of seed plants in Gornja Radgona is a motivation for agriculture, it proves that there are other, ethical ways, how to take care of our food production using less energy and more environmental friendly tools and methods,  with more of a man and producing different results. Things are not new, the connections are new, opening to the public is new, people’s will to listen is new,” Gjerkeš resumes his thoughts.

 “I made a Sun trap fence around 400 m2 meadow, a semi-circular arc turned towards the Sun. In this way a microclimate typical for Southern countries is produced. In autumn, we will plant fruit trees and shrubs. In order to improve the soil we planted topinambur and hemp in the Sun trap. Corn and sunflowers grow higher, whereas buckwheat is planted in lower parts. Gradually, during the growth of the trees the annual plants will be removed. The final result will be a forest garden ‒ a stable and self-sufficient group of trees, shrubs and ground covering plants that need a man only for harvesting.”

"Children, too, are a part of permaculture. Relationships between different generations stabilize social environment and stimulate development. Children and adults had the same role in the workshop, they all planted plants and established connection with the place and with each other. I hope that soon local kindergarten and school will join us and the integration into the local environment will be even deeper,” thinks Tomislav Gjerkeš

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