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Natura 2000 Natural Reserve Park

Natura 2000 is a comprehensive ecological network of areas designated by the European Union member states. Wild plants and animals and their habitats that are rare or endangered in Europe require protection. The main objective of the network is to conserve valuable biodiversity for future generations.

TheNatura 2000 NaturalReserve Park includes:

  • Valuable naturalfeatures, great biodiversity, many natural sources;
  • Security of wild plant and animal species;
  • Management of the genetic material, habitat and ecosystemsof the local area;
  • Sustainable use of the biodiversity elements;
  • Maintenance of natural balance;
  • Protection and holistic security of cultural heritage;
  • Maintenance of long term positive environmental conditions for human health, well-being and quality life (renewable sources of energy, sustainable use of natural sources, minimizing impacts on environment …);
  • Management of economic areas;
  • Security of high standard of living for local people and sustainable natural processes;
  • Introduction of sustainably oriented economic opportunities for regional development (sustainable management).

Natura 2000 is the centerpiece of EU nature & biodiversity policy. It is an EU-wide network of nature protection areas established under the 1992 Habitats Directive. The aim of the network is to assure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats. It is comprised of Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) designated by Member States under the Habitats Directive, and Special Protection Areas (SPAs) designated under the 1979Birds Directive.

In April 2004, Slovenia designated the Natura 2000 sites and undertook to suitably protect them. It defined 26 sites for bird conservation and 260 sites for the conservation of habitat types and species. Thus there are 286 Natura 2000 sites in Slovenia in total, encompassing approximately 35 percent of the country.

A particular characteristic of Slovenia is its great diversity of animal and plant species in a small area, and its well-preserved nature. The sites offer home to 111 threatened plant and animal species protected by the Habitats Directive and 105 species protected by the Wild Birds Directive.

Two thirds of the sites are forested, a substantial part consists of areas with little vegetation (mainly rock walls), just under a tenth are areas above the tree lineand there are also notable areas of grasslands. Slovenia is a home of great variety of forest habitats 900 ha of the Pohorje Primeval Forest included.The country has plenty of Illyrian beech- and other forest that have been sustainably maintained through centuries.

Natura 2000 supports sustainable development that can satisfy the needs of today people without doing harm to future generations. Therefore,human activities are not excluded from nature reserves ‒ quite the reverse. Sustainable activities are encouraged. Natura 2000 aims for harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature. Husbandry is needed to maintain many familiar habitats, such as meadows, heaths and woodlands. Economic activities include farming, tourism, fishing, forestry, sustainable hunting, leisure pursuits and infrastructure projects. However, member states have to ensure that management is sustainable, both ecologically and economically and that sites are protected from damaging changes and are managed according the rules designated in the Habitats Directive. Local stakeholders should be fully involved, whether they are landowners, businesses, local authorities, community and environmental groups, or individuals.

Sustainable development of the protected areas in Slovenia is a great opportunity for the state and its populationin general and should by no means present an obstacle to the progress of our country.

Security-development based management of the protected areas enables conservation of cultural landscape and settlement by which it stimulates more balanced regional development. In that form of management, tourism plays a very important role, especially sustainably oriented development of tourist services, use of natural sources and renewable sources of energy, ecological construction of lodgings, environmental education, rising of public awareness of the protected areas, natural monuments, biodiversity, cultural heritage…

Another important element for conservation of plant- and animal biodiversity is development ofsustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture includessustainable use of agricultural land and maintenance of cultural landscape (crop rotation, organic farming, mountain pasture, haymaking in the mountains, sustainable livestock husbandry, conservation of meadow habitats of butterflies and birds, orchards, growing of autochthonous and local sorts of plants).

Besides sustainable tourism and sustainable agriculture, sustainable management based on security and development includes also sustainable forestry, hunting, land-use planning and regional development.



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