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Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is an alimentary product that benefits our health and overall well-being. It disinfects and relieves colds, relaxes and has therapeutic effects during an illness and recuperation. 

1. Honey is a good antioxidant
It helps to protect the body from free radical damage. Free radicals cause chronic diseases, for ex. rheumatoid arthritis and atherosclerosis. Antioxidants help to eliminate superfluous water and toxins out of the body. 
2. Honey has therapeutic effects after radiation therapy
It was proven that Honey has therapeutic effects on cancer patients suffering consequences of radiation therapy.
3. Honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects
Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects Honey speeds wound healing. Honey is always sterile and does not contain bacteria. Everything from burns and scrapes to surgical incisions and radiation-associated ulcers has been shown to respond to "Honey Dressings." Under supervision it can be used for treating ulcers, for ex. for stomach- or duodenal ulcer. Honey eliminates body toxins and regulates activity of the blood clotting enzymes.
4. Honey gives us energy (sugar) and other important nutritive substances
That makes it perfect for athletes and patients recovering from an illness (for ex. cancer patients). Honey goes directly into the blood and the body uses it where it lacks energy. Under supervision, due to its nutritive substances Honey can be used as a diabetes diet. 
5. Honey for heart patients
Honey can be of great help for heart patients since it strengthens the heart muscle and regulates the substance exchange in order to prevent overstress of the heart muscles. For heart patients it is not recommended to use Lime-Tree Honey, whereas Forest- and Chestnuts Honey can be very beneficial for them.
6. Honey for respiratory diseases, asthma, cough, sore throat and bronchitis
Honey is used for respiratory diseases, asthma, cough, sore throat and bronchitis. Forest Honey (Fir-, Spruce Fir, Pine Honey) is the best for coughing, warm beverages with Honey are used for all respiratory inflammations. Due to its stimulating effect on the immune system, Propolis, too, is of great help. When adding Honey to hot beverages, be aware of the beverage’s temperature (max 40 °C) in order to maintain all its therapeutic substances. Honey has to melt completely ‒ in that case the body uses all of its beneficial substances. 
7. Do you have stomachaches?
Try combination of Honey and Royal Jelly. Bad alimentation and eating habits overstress the stomach which cannot process the food properly. Honey is beneficial and therapeutic for the whole intestinal tract and it helps to cure digestive diseases (gullet, mouth, oral mucosa, oesophagus and stomach).  
8. Honey for intestinal diseases
Intestinal diseases caused by bacteria and virus are often accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting. The body loses a lot of liquid, minerals and vitamins that can be partly substituted by Honey drinks. Pollen is recommended to cure diarrhea.
9. Honey is a natural source of energy
Honey is a completely natural alimentary product. Simultaneously, it is a source of natural energy and minerals and a great sedative. A cup of warm milk with a spoon of Honey is better than any sleeping pill. Due to their high content of minerals, Forest- and Chestnuts Honey are used to treat anaemia.
10. Honey for rheumatic diseases
Honey is used to prevent rheumatic and liver diseases. It stimulates superfluous water and toxins elimination from the body (Erica- and Chestnut Honey).

Honey Crystallization

Honey should be stored in a cold, dark place. After certain period of time the original Honey crystallizes. Nevertheless, the crystallization does not change the Honey content nor eliminates healing properties. The crystallization is a natural process caused by high levels of glucose, fructose and saccharides in Honey. It can be reliquified by warming it ‒ under 40 °C for not eliminating the enzymes that make it healthful or chase off the volatiles that make it smell and taste good.

Honey in cuisine

Did you know? The energy content of 1 kilogram of honey equals 3 kilograms of fresh beef, 50 eggs, 5 litres of milk, 3 kilograms of ham, 6 kilograms of oranges or 3 kilograms of bananas.

Honey is the oldest sweetener. It is used mainly for pastry. Its nutritive structure is much better than sugar’s, but it also contains more calories. One spoon of Honey contains 64 kcal, whereas one spoon of sugar 46 kcal. In making pastry, Honey can be a beneficial substitute for sugar. It is used half as amount of sugar due to Honey’s higher level of fructose. If a recipe includes liquids (water, milk), they should be used only in half amount since Honey contains approximately 18 % water. Furthermore, the baking temperature should be 15 °C lower, because Honey makes pastry darker. Honey is perfect for breakfast ‒ added to cereals, low-fat yoghourt or crackers. Also, Fruit-Honey combination is great ‒ you can use it as a sweetener for fruit salads or pour it over apple slices and sprinkle them with cinnamon. Enjoy your meal!

Honey Recipes

  • Honey dressing is used for baked biscuits, ice cream, baklavas and wheat-, rye- or Graham flour bread.
  • Honey is used also for salty food ‒ added to salad- or roast meat dressings.
  • A mix of lemon juice, honey, mustard and olive oil is a perfect salad dressing.
  • For pork meat you can use a dressing made of mustard, beer, honey, olive oil, rosemary and garlic. When the dish is done, you can add the cream to remaining liquid and you get a delicious sauce.
  • Cold roasted chicken can be served with a sauce made of mayonnaise, mustard and honey.
  • In some parts of Europe, Asia and America a dressing mix of honey or honey mix, lemon juice and oil is used for ham, chicken, duck or lamb while being roasted.  
  • Before serving roasted vegetables, pour a mix of melted butter, honey and balsamic vinegar over it. 

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