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Apitherapy (in Latin apis means bee) or “bee therapy” is the medicinal use of products made by honeybees. The use of the hive products helps strengthen our health, prevents and treats different conditions (multiple sclerosis, arthritis, wounds, pain, gout, shingles, burns, tendonitis, and infections). The honey products are completely natural, without any additives, added sugars or chemical preservatives. They are a part of the immense treasure of nature, perfect in their origin ‒ nothing added nor abstracted.

Therapies involving the honeybee have existed for thousands of years and were practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, Babylon and other civilizations. There have been no clinical studies of Apitherapy, nevertheless it is based on the traditional use (Apitherapy is a part of folk medicine) and positive personal experiences. One of the few apithreapists in Slovenia, a physician and an acupuncturist Franc Grošelj, M. D. is optimistic about the future of Apitherapy, because its beneficial effects are very convincing. 

In Slovenia, Apitherapy is not recognized as an official medical treatment. Nevertheless, medicine often recommends the honeybee products as a preventive or a supplement treatment of certain conditions. The honeybee products are used as they are made or they are included among the ingredients for different honeybee preparations.

“Apitherapy has positive and encouraging effects”, says Franc Grošelj M.D., and acupuncturologist who is also a founder and president of the Slovenian Apitherapy Section. Grošelj also gives lectures about Apitherapy.

“The honeybee products are natural products and we know that bees don’t cheat. These products consist of ideal quantity of ingredients needed by a human organism.”

He cites bee pollen as an example: “Vitamin structure in pollen is unique and cannot be found in any other preparation on the market”. Grošelj points out: “There are two key factors in Apitherapy that can be used to treat human and animal conditions: healthy food and an appropriate diet”. Apitherapists report that various bee products promote healing by improving circulation, decreasing inflammation, and stimulating a healthy immune response. In order to preserve the honeybee products in the best condition, we keep honey in a fresh, dark place, whereas other bee products should be kept in a refrigerator.      

In Germany, Apitherapy is wide known and accepted and it is included in homeopathic treatment. The microclimate of the apiary has been upgraded by a special system of aerosol therapy ‒ natural, century-long treatment of respiratory illnesses. This kind of therapy consists of inhaling that produces a direct, rapid, intensive and local effect on the respiratory track. We can inhale the bee products directly form the centre of the apiary (the strongest aroma) via breathing tube.

You can find more about Apitherapy on web sites,

Apitherapy consists of 7 elements:

  • Raw Honey
  • Pollen
  • Propolis
  • Royal Jelly
  • Beeswax
  • Bee Venom
  • Apiary Microclimate.


Apiary microclimate has many positive effects on our psycho-physical well-being. Aromatherapy with breathing the scents of the bee products and listening to the natural buzz and music of the bees is very beneficial. Few hours in the apiary every day stimulates the immune system, calms down respiratory problems, alleviates the stress and improves an overall well-being.

Any part of Apitherapy reminds us that we are a part of nature ‒ be it by visiting the apiary, using the honey products, breathing the apiary air full of beneficial essential oils, testing pollen or lightning the beeswax and enjoying its relaxing scent that fills the room with light sweet aroma … 

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The Boutique Wellness Ruševec is really something, the real experience. Body treatments are superb ‒ they include all branches of wellness. We recommend it to all who are looking for a place to relax.


Pohorje and the Villa Ruševec surrounding is a perfect location for hikers and bikers. It’s very peaceful, there are many well-marked paths and routes of all levels of difficulty.


The Villa Ruševec is situated in a very quiet, full-of-hills location of Pohorje. We recommend it to all who are seeking to be in touch with wonderful nature.


The surrounding of the Villa Ruševec is wonderful and the Villa is clean and nice. We were very satisfied with the additional offers. A ski centre is only 2 km away and after skiing the Ruševec is a perfect peaceful shelter.


Thank you for a wonderful family relaxation in your apartment. I recommend the Villa Ruševec to all. My children enjoyed it very much. Ruško the Black Grouse rules.

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