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Eco Lodges

Bravus Eco Lodges are made by the hands of Mr. Mirko Marguč, a lodge-construction expert from Slovenske Konjice. Mr. Marguč is a dedicated friend of nature. He has got his knowledge and know-how from the Canadian Log Homes System ‒ one of the oldest and the best solid wood lodges construction techniques in the world. The construction and details have been adopted to the Slovenian environment and climate.

Natural eco lodge is a healthy house, exclusively made of natural ecological materials, such as wood and wool. Wooden walls and sheep wool create very good conditions for living in the natural environment, since the indoor air is ventilated two times a day through the walls without draught.

Benefits for people living in a BRAVUS Wooden House:
• Healthy living conditions;
•Permanent construction ‒ house for many generations;
• Ecological construction does not damage the environment and the house becomes its natural part;
• The best protection against nowadays unpredictable and extreme weather conditions;
• Energy and maintenance savings;
• Furniture made of natural, local materials.

In order to construct Bravus Eco Lodges we had to cut down spruce firs from Pohorje growing at 800‒1200 m altitude. Hand crafted logs (fi 30-40) are protected against mildew and pest. What we had taken from the nature was brought back to it in a form of eco lodges.

Zelena vas

Log Homes construction system attributes considerable importance to the size of the overhang. The Bravus lodges can have overhangs long up to 90 cm. Logs are protected by the roof, nevertheless the interior and exterior wood should be extra protected. Considering the experts’ advice we chose natural bee wax protection for the interior wood of the Eco Lodges in the Green Village Ruševec. Bee wax wood protection is beneficial for wood and people living in the lodges since it enables natural “breathing” of the wood. Due to Pohorje climate and larger wooden surfaces the exterior wood protection was more demanding. We chose wood protection products made by Slovenian producer Silvaprodukt d. o. o. from Ljubljana.   

Roof insulation and bed & beddings

Roof insulation, beds and bedings in the lodges are Slovenian products, too. They are made by Soven d. o. o. company from Selnica ob Dravi. Sheep wool is a natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable material that does not endanger the health of people or the environment. Sheep wool contains fat called lanolin. More lanolin means better insulation and better influence on man and nature. It protects against cold and negative influences from the environment, besides it creates a nice atmosphere and enables a good air circulation. It balances temperature ‒ in summer it protects against heat, in winter it warms the indoor air. If the cold increases, so does its protection against it. Sheep wool conserves life energy. It beats off dust, mist and mould. It cleans itself by ventilating. Sheep wool is flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. It inflames only at very high temperature, over 520 °C. It beats off smell and dirt and by tuching it one does not have an impression of moist or stickiness. Wool also has a low manufacturing energy.      

Wool insulation life expectancy is min. 50 years and during this period it preserves all its effectiveness. Extreme weather conditions do not affect it, wool maintains its insulation function and it does not rot, only the parasite protection may be washed off. If wool gets wet, it dries quickly, there is no condensation. Wool is a hydroscopic material and it can absorb a lot of its own weight in moisture without becoming wet to the touch.  

Parasite protection is very important when considering construction of any kind. Sheep wool contains lanolin, a fat that is hated by rodents (mice, rats etc.). In the manufacturing process, ecological washing of wool enables maintenance of the lanolin which makes it naturally protected against parasites. Besides, some bigger parasites are disturbed by the thick wool fibres. Nevertheless, wool insulation is extra protected against parasites and it is made fire-resistant.

Bedding ‒ blankets, pillows, mattreses, sheets are made of high quality wool. 100 % Slovenian wool is stitched into organic cotton called inlet.

Wool is great heat insulation, it protects against cold and heat and we can use it in cold and hot days. It massages the body. It relieves pains caused by rheumatism and cronical spinal arthritis. It helps recovering after injuries, relives headaches, insomnia, migraine etc. Because wool beats off dust, mist and mould, it can be used also by the people allergic to dust.

Soven company has carried out very demanding projects of product development, among others a multi-layer organic bedding structure that benefits the quality of sleep.


Custom made furniture of the lodges, too, will be made by the local joiner. The furniture made of solid wood will fit in the room perfectly and it will complete the natural image of the lodges.


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The Boutique Wellness Ruševec is really something, the real experience. Body treatments are superb ‒ they include all branches of wellness. We recommend it to all who are looking for a place to relax.


Pohorje and the Villa Ruševec surrounding is a perfect location for hikers and bikers. It’s very peaceful, there are many well-marked paths and routes of all levels of difficulty.


The Villa Ruševec is situated in a very quiet, full-of-hills location of Pohorje. We recommend it to all who are seeking to be in touch with wonderful nature.


The surrounding of the Villa Ruševec is wonderful and the Villa is clean and nice. We were very satisfied with the additional offers. A ski centre is only 2 km away and after skiing the Ruševec is a perfect peaceful shelter.


Thank you for a wonderful family relaxation in your apartment. I recommend the Villa Ruševec to all. My children enjoyed it very much. Ruško the Black Grouse rules.

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