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Ruško the Black Grouse’s Animations

Children’s animations are organized according to the age and knowledge of the participants. Head of animation organization is an expert in the field ‒ Mrs. Viktorija Zupan, a Slovene and biology professor. Animations take place according to the timetable set on our web site and at the Villa Ruševec Info Point. They last 90 min. Parents get to learn what the animation is about, its goals, methods and learning tools. Children’s animations are organized for the groups consisting of at least 4 children.

The following are just a few animations that we have prepared for our youngest guests:

  • “Hi, I’m Ruško the Black Grouse!” (Presentation of the mascot Ruško the Black Grouse, his wooden house, telling stories, conversation and creative workshop related to Ruško the Black Grouse’s stories.)
  • “Ruško the Balck Grouse is Exercising ‒ come and have fun with him!” (Exercise and a short walk, children get to know nature around them.)
  • “Come and Have Some Chestnuts” (Parents’ and children’s hanging out while roasting potatoes and chestnuts on an open fire, creating autumn decorations and tasting new wine and grape juice.)
  •  “Look, How Huge is That Pumpkin!” (Creative workshop related to autumn crops.)
  •  “Ruško the Herbalist!” “(We take children to the Herb Garden Ruševec where we get to know herbs, we touch and smell them, we taste them and we make herbal tea. Creative work related to herbs.) 
  •  “Ruško the Beekeeper!” (We take children to the Apiary Ruševec where they get to know everything about bees, beekeeping, honey and honey products. Creative work related to bees and beekeeping.)
  • “Forgotten Games for Children” (We get to learn traditional Slovenian games and plays that children played in the past.)
  • “Ruško Takes Care of Nature” (Ruško the Black Grouse helps us present the importance of conservation of nature, children get to know the permaculture garden with “high beds”, they learn how to separate waste, make composts …)

 Be creative, use your imagination and join Ruško the Black Grouse’s animations. You will love it - we promise!



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The Boutique Wellness Ruševec is really something, the real experience. Body treatments are superb ‒ they include all branches of wellness. We recommend it to all who are looking for a place to relax.


Pohorje and the Villa Ruševec surrounding is a perfect location for hikers and bikers. It’s very peaceful, there are many well-marked paths and routes of all levels of difficulty.


The Villa Ruševec is situated in a very quiet, full-of-hills location of Pohorje. We recommend it to all who are seeking to be in touch with wonderful nature.


The surrounding of the Villa Ruševec is wonderful and the Villa is clean and nice. We were very satisfied with the additional offers. A ski centre is only 2 km away and after skiing the Ruševec is a perfect peaceful shelter.


Thank you for a wonderful family relaxation in your apartment. I recommend the Villa Ruševec to all. My children enjoyed it very much. Ruško the Black Grouse rules.

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