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“We experience life through our perceptions and it is coloured with the colours we decide to paint it with.” Greg Anderson

Tourist workers in the Green Village Ruševec feel deeply connected to Pohorje, we are aware of the importance of the environment and we are trying to be a responsible host. We respect and maintain nature, at the same time we try to express the identity of the area and show it to our guests in its best way. We have been developing elements of genuineness and cosiness that show the character of this place. We are aware that people who work all day and live in a frenzied rhythm of modern times do not seek only rest and “escape” from everyday duties, but are becoming more demanding in a positive sense of the word. They want something more out of this “escape”, they want real experiences and a possibility to find and show their “right” identity. And this kind of tourism is perfect for that.

Our holiday packages are created on the basis of elements of genuineness: the intact nature with natural wonders of the Pohorje primeval forest, cultural heritage, local home-made cuisine, rhythm of life of local communities, sports activities and recreation, short- and long distance trips, educational programs based on biodiversity etc. 

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Villa Ruševec
Hočko Pohorje 36 n
SI - 2208 Pohorje, SLOVENIA
T: +386 2 603 63 00
M: +386 51 625 102
F: +386 3 757 13 30
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The Boutique Wellness Ruševec is really something, the real experience. Body treatments are superb ‒ they include all branches of wellness. We recommend it to all who are looking for a place to relax.


Pohorje and the Villa Ruševec surrounding is a perfect location for hikers and bikers. It’s very peaceful, there are many well-marked paths and routes of all levels of difficulty.


The Villa Ruševec is situated in a very quiet, full-of-hills location of Pohorje. We recommend it to all who are seeking to be in touch with wonderful nature.


The surrounding of the Villa Ruševec is wonderful and the Villa is clean and nice. We were very satisfied with the additional offers. A ski centre is only 2 km away and after skiing the Ruševec is a perfect peaceful shelter.


Thank you for a wonderful family relaxation in your apartment. I recommend the Villa Ruševec to all. My children enjoyed it very much. Ruško the Black Grouse rules.

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